52 Ancestors Week 33: Comedy

The Nalyks' accidental slapstick encounter with the police.
The Minneapolis Star MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Tuesday, January 28, 1930

     I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon this newspaper article. I had to double check the address just to make sure this was really my 2nd great-grandparents! I don’t know many people from this side of the family, so this was a complete surprise to me. Once I started reaching out and talking to people in this line, I realized that most of them had already heard about it. It’s important to note that my 2nd great-grandmother Kathryn Nalyk was a very small woman. According to her Naturalization Records, she was 4’6″ and 126 lbs!1Iron Range Research Center, Naturalization Record, CODE: 128 REEL: 60 VOLUME: 75 PAGE: 303

The family story is that she had to appear in court after this. When she walked into the court room, the judge took one look at her, asked the cops in disbelief if this very small and also pregnant woman was seriously the one who “beat them up”, then dismissed the case. While this article definitely seems to have been written about a day that was bad for all involved, I just can’t get over how it was written! It reminds me of a scene straight out of a book written by one of my favorite authors P. G. Wodehouse! I wish I knew who wrote this article. I’d love to read more of their work!

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is a series of writing prompts created by Amy Johnson Crow. You can find more information about it here.

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